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About the Beautiful Mountain Town of Woodland Park

Surrounded by unspoiled wilderness, nestled among one-million acres of Pike National Forest, sits a mountain community like no other....Woodland Park!

The weather here in Woodland Park is fabulous! We get sunshine 300+ days per year. Even if we get snow, it melts quickly when the sun shines. What's neat is my husband will call me and complain about the overcast skies down in Colorado Springs where he works, but up here in Woodland Park we'll have the deepest blue skies. That's why we're called "The City Above the Clouds."
Our elevation is 8,465 feet so temperatures rarely rise about 85 degrees. Now when the sun goes down at night, even in July, you'll need a jacket. It does get chilly at this elevation.
Population in Woodland Park: 7,200
Median Home Value: $235,900, Median Mortgage: $1,592
We are considered a bedroom community of Colorado Springs. Most of the population either is self employed or works down in Colorado Springs. Real estate up here in Woodland Park is more expensive than down in Colorado Springs.

We recently had a Wal-Mart built so it's not necessary to go "down the mountain" for necessities. Other popular shopping
include Safeway, Denny's, McDonalds, Sonic, Wendy's, Burger King, Subway, Pizza Hut, Papa Murphy's, Dominoes, etc. as well as other local shops and restaurants.

In the Teller County area, we see a lot of wildlife...bears, fox, squirrels, mule deer, the elk herd, and the elusive mountain lion (haven't seen one of those yet).

Check us out! We are a short drive up the mountain from Colorado Springs.  



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