Divide Neighborhoods

A Little About Divide
There is only one light in Divide. If you go north, you are on CR 5. If you go south, you are on 67S towards Cripple Creek. Divide has a small grocery store, a great bbq hut on the corner, and an awesome Irish restaurant called McGinty's...plus a liquor store, several smaller restaurants, a post office, medical center, and a couple convenience stores/gas stations. Divide is approximately 10 minutes west of Woodland Park.


Arabian Acres - www.aapoa.org
Dues are $50/year. Arabian Acres has its own water district. Please visit www.aametro.org.
Update regarding water dated 9-10-2013 Water District Update 

Divide South
This neighborhood is located off Highway 67 South just outside of Divide heading to Cripple Creek.
Water: Association Water
Sanitation: Septic Tanks
This community lies between Divide & Florissant off Highway 24.
Highland Lakes - www.hlpoa.net
To get to Highland Lakes, you would turn right at the light in Divide (CR5) and keep to the left at the split. (Spring Valley is to the right 5 miles down the road). Highland Lakes is one of the most popular...similar to Spring Valley, but boasts more sales per year than Spring Valley....probably boasts more listings too though.
DUES: $75.00/year (Voluntary).
UTILITIES: Association Water/Septic (Water is metered and runs a minimum of $35.00/month).

Rainbow Valley
- www.rvpoa.com
Rainbow Valley is located south on Highway 67 out of Divide towards Cripple Creek. This community is unique in that most of the properties are on a community water system which means an association truck delivers water to your underground cistern usually 2x/month. It is then pumped into your home for use. The community is a make-up of year round residents and vacationers/vacation homes. Most of the homes are tucked here and there up and down the winding roads. No horses allowed. The commute to the Springs would be approximately 40 minutes. (Watch this area because the HOA is trying to pass a rule that you can't even ride your ATV on your own property - 5.16.2012).

Sherwood Forest - www.sfiadivide.org
Sherwood Forest is one of the most affordable areas in Divide and one of the easiest to access. The community is a mixture of manufactured and stick built homes. It's only about 2 minutes past Divide right off Highway 24.

Trout Haven –  Located off Lower Twin Rocks Road in Divide, the dues here are not mandatory. A lot of the properties here are in the Arabian Acres Water District. Trout Haven property owners can join the Lost Dutchman for fishing (approximately $450/year).  This subdivision does not allow horses, poultry or livestock. Only dogs, cats, or other household pets are allowed.