706 E. Center Avenue, Woodland Park

HUD home in Woodland Park listed for $140k. Put in 5 offers. Kept getting rejected. HUD finally came back and accepted my last offer when I stopped offering. Closed on 12/20/12 for $123,712.
Inspection revelead need for a new roof. Furnace should be fine according to contractor and water heater is newer. Home already has vinyl windows so that is a plus. Will need a complete rehab like most homes and an exterior paint job. For the exterior I chose Sherwin Williams:
Body: Rare Gray (SW 6199)
Trim: Casa Blanca (SW 7571)
Door/Shutters: Pewter Green (SW 6208)
For the roof, I chose Owens Corning (Estate Gray).
1/2/13 - Contractor has already demolished the interior. Popcorn removed from the ceiling. Hardibacker is installed for tile and green board for baths. Tubs are set.
1/4/13 - Tile is layed on the floor of both bathrooms. Mudding/patching walls/ceiling underway. Cabinets were ordered today from Front Range. Maple with Nutmeg finish. Will take two weeks to come in. Must pick countertops next. Still need to get two more bids on roof.
1/8/13 - Mudding/patching still underway. Exterior is primed and getting ready to be painted.
1/12/13 - Mudding/patching continuing. Almost ready to paint. Countertop material has been ordered. Top of the line FX180 Formica product called Golden Mascarello. One of my favorites because it looks like granite. Exterior is primed and one coat of paint is on. Not looking the best yet with grayish green body and existing peach/orange trim. Need one more exterior coat to finish it off and then off to the trim and accent colors.
1/15/13 - All three bedrooms' mudding/taping is done and they are primed and painted. Same with the two bathrooms. New laundry room is tiled also.
 1/23/13 - All tile is laid ...laundry, kitchen and baths. Walls all painted. Windows cased. Cabinets are installed. Countertop company, DMS Custom, has measured and they will be installed in two days. Exterior painting is supposed to commence tomorrow.
1/31/13 - Exterior painting has started. Not sure if the color choice was a good one yet. We shall see when the roof goes on which is starting today also. Kitchen countertops are in and the backsplash is up. Chose Lowe's new ledgestone product. Risky, but I hope buyers like it. Anyway, interior is pretty much done and will be getting cleaned soon. Carpet goes in Monday, February 4. Hoping to have on the market by Wednesday, February 6.
2/6/13 - All done. Listed today. Turned out beautiful.