Evergreen Heights

Evergreen Heights Subdivision

Evergreen Heights is located off of 67 North in Woodland Park. Turn left on Evergreen Heights Drive going towards Meadow Wood Sports Complex. This subdivision is the nearest neighborhood to the sports complex and easily within walking distance. The Meadow Wood Sports Complex offers ice skating, tennis, soccer, baseball, softball, and a fitness trail. There is no active HOA in all filings except #4. There are five houses in Filing #4 located on Evergreen Heights Drive that have mandatory dues of $100/year for snow removal of the main road.

Water: City of Woodland Park

Sanitation: City Sewer
Active HOA? No, other than for homes that are in Filing #4.
Covenants? Yes
Animals? Domestic household pets are allowed with permission from the Architectural Control Committee.
Chickens Allowed? No
Horses Allowed? No
Fencing Allowed? Fencing is allowed with approval from the Architectural Control Committee. Fencing materials are restricted to cedar or redwood or such other materials as approved by the Committee. All rear lot fencing shall not exceed 72 inches in height.
Are Campers Allowed to be Stored on Lot? Yes, as long as they are on the side or in the rear yards of the main dwelling. Campers may have to be completely surrounded by a sight barrier that is approved by the Architectural Control Committee.
New Home Construction Information:

            The main dwelling of a single-family detached home, must be at least 1,000 square feet for a one-story dwelling, or at least 1,300 square feet for dwellings more than one story; this size is exclusive of open porches, garages, and walkout basements. All dwellings must be made of quality workmanship and materials. All construction plans must be approved by the Architectural Control Committee prior to building.

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