Divorce & Real Estate

Real Estate Divorce Specialists are real estate professionals specializing in divorcing clients. They are trained in the legal and tax aspects of the divorce process as it relates to real estate. They learn obscure legal rulings, regulations, and tax implications. This specific training allows them to help their divorcing clients take advantage of tax laws that are specific to selling a house in divorce.

There are over 1 million divorces in the U.S. each year. In over 70% of those cases, the parties involved are either buying a house, or selling a house, or both. These clients need real estate professionals with expertise in divorce. A real estate professional who understands the special problems and laws that govern the dissolution of a marriage can be a great asset at a very difficult time.
Divorcing couples are going through one of the most stressful times in their lives and they need all the help they can get. They are looking for a professional who not only empathizes with what they're going through, but who understands the tax and legal implications of dividing real estate in a divorce. As a Certified Real Estate Divorce Specialist, I can provide information and resources that most other real estate professionals, and even some divorce attorneys don't know.
Unfortunately, couples will continue to get divorced and will need sound advice on the real estate issues within the divorce. A real estate professional specializing in divorcing clients can streamline the process and be beneficial to all parties involved.

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