Fairway Pines

Fairway Pines: A Golf Course Community

Fairway Pines is a community of to the left of Highway 67, just north of Woodland Park. Fairway Pines is in the same area as Eagle Pines, but this community sits on the Shining Mountain Golf Course in Woodland Park. This is an upper-end community. Fairway Pines do have covenants, but there is no active HOA. Fairway pines is conveniently located on the outside of Woodland Park, with the most beautiful views in town. Weddings are often times held at Shining Mountain Golf Course because of the mountain views the area has to offer. Property owners in Fairway Pines get a chance to see wildlife, such as elk, cross the golf course.

Water: Municipal

Sanitation: Sewer
Active HOA? No
Covenants? Yes
Animals? Owners are allowed to have no more than 4 household pets on each lot at a time; and no more than three each of dogs, cats, or other domestic household pets.
Chickens Allowed? No
Horses Allowed? No
Are Campers Allowed to be Stored on Lot? Yes, but must be stored within enclosure such that all campers are not visible from any other lot or from the common elements. (Best to just park it in an RV garage)
Fencing Allowed? Fencing is allowed with the approval from the Design Review Committee, and the approval must be in writing. Fencing must not change the natural harmony of the community.
New Home Construction Information:

            This is an upper-end community with strict rules for building and design. It is best to contact the Design Review Committee prior to making any plans. The average square footage of homes is 3,500+.  All plans for improvements are required to be detailed and approved by the committee prior to building.

  Be Mindful: As a golf course community, it is important to know that there may be people that go onto your property for the retrieving of their golf balls, even without the owner’s permission. Golf balls may be hit in the direction of the personally owned property.

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