Evergreen Heights Townhomes

Evergreen Heights Townhomes

WaterCity of Woodland Park

HOA Dues Mandatory. Deb Corder: deb.corder@msn.com

Covenants? Yes.

Animals? If permitted by the Rules of the Board homeowners are allowed to have a reasonable number of household pets.

Horses allowed? No.

Chickens allowed? No.

Fencing allowed? Prohibited unless it is approved by the Board prior to building.

Campers allowed to be stored on the lot? No, unless the owner has prior written approval by the Board.

Open fires allowed? No outdoor cooking, or open fires are allowed on the property (including the deck and patio) except in areas which may be designated by the Board.


Home Improvement Information:

            Changes to the outside of the townhome, including light fixtures, patios, decks, windows, doors and other exterior additions are not allowed until the detailed plan showing the nature, shape, height, material, and location of the addition/improvement is submitted and approved by the Board. All drapes, shades, blinds, and other window coverings shall be white when viewed from the outside, unless prior written approval of the Board is given. The inside of the townhome must be kept in a clean, sanitary and attractive condition and in a good state of repair by the owner.