Wilson Lakes Estates

Wilson Lakes Estates

Wilson Lake Estates is easily located right off Highway 24 less than 2 miles West of Florissant Colorado. This community is a combination of stick built homes and manufactured homes. There is a community pond that has a nice ice rink on it during the winter months.

Water – Wells

Active HOA? Yes.

HOA Dues – $300.00 per year. Dues are not mandatory, but are used for access to fishing and walking around the lake, community garbage service and use of lodge and pot lucks.

Covenants? Yes.

Pets: Household pets, such as dogs and cats, are allowed on the property.

Horses allowed? Only one per household.

Chickens allowed? No.

Fencing allowed? Likely, but all plans must be approved by The Architectural Control.

Are campers allowed to be stored on the lot? Yes.

Are firearms allowed to be discharged on property? No. The discharge of a firearm, and hunting is prohibited in the area.

New Construction Information:

            One single family dwelling, of not less than 480 sq. ft., is allowed per lot with a garage for no more than three cars. A guest house is allowed if the same septic and water is used that supplies the main house, and is not allowed for permanent residence. All plans of construction must be approved by The Architectural Control prior to building.