Colorado Mountain Estates

Colorado Mountain Estates

Colorado Mountain Estates is located just south of Florissant, Colorado off Teller County Road 1. This community backs Muller State Park, and has over 1600 properties, and consists of over 2000 acres. 

Water- Wells

Active HOA? Yes.
HOA Dues - Mandatory. $35.28 per year. 
Covenants? Yes.
Animals? Household pets only.
Horses allowed? No.
Chickens allowed? No.
Campers allowed to be stored on the property? No.
Fencing allowed? Fencing is allowed but must not obstruct neighborhood views. Fences located within 30 feet of the road shall not exceed 4 feet in height.
Firearm Discharge? No firearms shall be discharged within the subdivision.
Open Fires? A burn permit must be obtained from the Teller County Sheriff’s Office for burning.  

New Construction Information:

            All construction plans must be approved, and in writing prior to building. All construction projects must be completed within 18 months. Dwellings Nos. 1-10 must be at least 400 square feet, and dwellings Nos. 11 and 12 must be at least 800 square feet.