Cripple Creek Mountain Estates

Cripple Creek Mountain Estates

Cripple Creek Mountain Estates is a covenanted community located in Cripple Creek Colorado, just Southwest of Woodland Park Colorado on Teller County Road 1. The community offer a heated swimming pool, a fitness center, library, and a fenced playground for the owners of the properties within the subdivision. This community is an hour commute to the Springs, but close to Cripple Creek.

Water – Association/District. (Central Water System). Visit for more water information for this community. To contact Mountain Mutual Water, who operated the central water system for Cripple Creek Mountain Estates, call 719-689-2527.

Sanitation- Septic Tanks.

Active HOA? Yes.
HOA Dues – Mandatory. $214.50/YR for the 1st lot and each additional lot is $71.50/YR
Covenants? Yes.
Animals? Household pets, and two horses are allowed.
Chickens Allowed? No.

Horses Allowed? Two horses per lot is allowed, and the shelter for the animal must be kept in the rear of the main dwelling.

Are Campers Allowed to be Stored on Lot? Campers are allowed to be stored on the lot, but they must be parked at least 25 feet away from any public road, and must have current license plates.

Fencing Allowed? Fencing is allowed, but must be approved by the Architectural Control Committee. The fencing must not disrupt the natural harmony of the subdivision. Chicken wire, and barb wire are prohibited.

Shooting of Firearms? No discharge of firearms, to include bow and arrow, will be allowed in the subdivision.

Fires Allowed? No open fires allowed on any lot.

New Construction Information:

            All construction taking place on the lot must be approved by the Architectural Control Committee prior to building. One single-family dwelling is allowed per lot, and it must have at least 1200 square feet of heated living space, excluding open porches, garages, and decks. All construction projects must not take more than 12 months, unless otherwise permitted by the Architectural Control Committee.