Divide South

Divide South

Divide South is located South of Divide Colorado off Highway 67. This community is within close proximity to Divide and Woodland Park Colorado. Divide South offers a fishing pond for the property owners that have a desire to fish, although a fee is required. Nice private community, but not far from town!

Water – Association Water.

Sanitation: Septic Tanks
Active HOA? Yes.
HOA Dues – Mandatory. $200/YR due no later than December 5th of current year.
Covenants? Yes.

Animals? Household pets are allowed with not disturbance to other property owners.

Chickens Allowed? No.

Horses Allowed? No.

Fencing Allowed? Fencing shall be decorative in nature. Privacy and barbed wire fence is not allowed.

Campers Allowed to be Stored on the Lot? One small camping trailer is allowed to be parked on the lot.

Shooting Firearms? Firearm shooting is prohibited on any lot.

New Construction Home Information:

            Building must be custom in design and approved by the Board of Directors before construction. The minimum square footage required is 1600 sq. ft. exclusive of the garage. Minimum roof pitch must be 6/12, and the home must be stick built. One single-family dwelling, one garage, and one guest-house on a non-commercial basis is allowed to be built per lot.