Highland Lakes (2)

Highland Lakes

Highland Lakes is Northwest of Woodland Park. In order to get to Highland Lakes, you head West at the light in Divide (County Road 5), and keep left at the split. Highland Lakes has lots of wildlife activity, and is one of the most popular subdivisions in Teller County.

Water – Highland Lakes Water. Water is metered and runs a minimum of $35.00/month.

Sanitation – Septic

Active HOA? Yes

HOA Dues – Not mandatory. $70/YR. If owner does not pay access is not allowed to fish or use the clubhouse.

Covenants? Yes.

Animals? Household pets only on lots that are less than two acres.

Chickens Allowed? No

Horses Allowed? Likely, but must be permitted with the approval of the Architectural Control Committee.

Open Fires? Recreational fires are allowed provided they are contained in an approved fire pit, or enclosure. No fires are allowed when there is a Teller County Burn restriction, which can be found at www.co.teller.co.us

Firearm Discharge? No discharge of firearms is allowed. Safe target practice using bow and arrows, pellet guns, BB guns, or paint ball guns are allowed provided is does not bother neighbors. No hunting is allowed.


New Construction Information:

            All plans for a new construction home must be approved by the Architectural Control Committee prior to building. Lots must be at least two acres per home. A lot that is four acres or more can be divided into lots that are at least two acres. For more information on new construction visit the association website located at the bottom of the page.