Gray Horse Ranch

Gray Horse Ranch

Gray Horse Ranch is in the heart of Woodland Park with some of the best views in town. It is conveniently located with close proximity to the heart of downtown. Head West on Highway 24 from Colorado Springs, and take a left on West Street. Take West Street to the bottom of the hill and turn left on Black Bear Trail at the entrance of Gray Horse Ranch.

Water: Municipal

Sanitation: Sewer

HOA Dues- Mandatory at $40 annually.

Covenants? Yes

Active HOA? Yes

Animals? No more than two domesticated household pets shall be maintained within a lot. Birds and fish and other small domestic animals are allowed if permanently confined indoors.

Chickens Allowed? No

Horses Allowed? No

Are Campers Allowed to be Stored on the Lot? Yes, campers allowed to be stored on the lot, but must be completely enclosed in a garage or other approved structure by the Architectural Review Committee.

Fencing Allowed? Fencing is allowed with the approval from the Architectural Review Committee and may not interfere with the harmony of the neighborhood.

New Home Construction Information:

            One single-family dwelling is allowed per lot. The main dwellings must have at least 1,250 square feet of floor space above the basement level; this measurement is exclusive of porches, patios, covered buy unenclosed areas, garages, and attached accessory buildings. All dwelling units must have an attached garage, allowing room for at least two automobiles. Exterior building materials shall be wood, stone, Masonite, stucco or an approved material by the Committee. All construction must be approved by the Architectural Review Committee prior to building.