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Why Should You Choose IBEX Realty Group to List Your Property?

The answer is COMMUNICATION. This is the #1 complaint people have regarding their real estate agent. "I listed my house and now I can't get my agent to return my call." I promise I will be reachable. I cannot promise that I will always answer my phone, but I will get back with your voicemail, text, or email in a timely manner. Usually within 30 minutes if I'm not in a meeting or out showing property.

You Actually Have to Sell Your Property 4x....Not Just Once

IBEX will give you pricing guidance by reviewing SOLD properties and properties UNDER CONTRACT. ACTIVES are also reviewed to see where you'll sit with your active competition.
We price your home TOGETHER. I share the data with you to explain why I come up with the range that I will provide. There is no one exact price, but rather a range in which to choose based on the comparable properties.
You have to sell your home four times....not just once!
1. First you sell it to me. (You want $300k for your home. I have to feel it's worth $300k).
2. Then we sell it to the Buyer.
3. The Buyer will ask his agent if it's a fair asking price.
4. Then we have to have the property appraised.
I could be the best marketer out there, but if your home is overpriced, I won't be able to sell it. On the other hand, I could be the worst marketer, and if your home is priced right, it will sell itself.

Property Valuation

If you are thinking about selling your property, getting an idea of what it might be worth can help with that decision.

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With a track record of real estate success, my clients have provided some great information regarding my customer service. Click here to learn more.

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